JOY: Actress, private acting coach and artistic director of 'the standard collective'. God focused, Christ centered. Lover of ARTISTS, great food, fashion, and anything health and wellness related. I want to inspire and be inspired!


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Yay! What that said.. I agree..

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This pic was original taken in black and white in New York, 1963 but was colourised using digital technology

My idols

My favortite pic…

Malcolm and Muhammad Ali

Great shot!

That goes for anything and everything worth having.#werk#springfocus#getitdone#


#tbt… Honoring my beautiful mother today. Just because. This is the year before I was born. She was filled with so many dreams, so much hope, and so much promise. Grateful that she passed so much of who she was then onto me. Today she is a healer and practicing massage therapist after many years of purpose seeking and sacrifice, raising me alone. #prouddaughter#theappledontfallfarfromthetree#artsymama#thefro#theflower#mymommy😘

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Yep, this happened yesterday. DVF journey of a Dress exhibit @ LACMA with besties @porschethomas and @malikyoba and fam!! What a perfect Saturday spent with people I love❤️. If you love fashion, check it out!!#happygirl#thejoybetweenus

That’s beautiful. Something to strive for…..


A seed needed to know in order to grow it needed to be dropped in the dirt, covered in darkness, and persevere to reach the light.. Don’t wait for things to happen, make things happen!
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All I have seen teaches me to trust the Creator for all I have not seen.

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This is everything…

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